Catlike​/​Parallel Split

by catlike

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released February 24, 2017

Thanks, Obama.

Catlike is......
Karah Goldstein
Collin Ungerleider

Parallel is..................
Patrick Elliot
Frederic Rigollaud
James Boss
Conor Gracey

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Frederic Rigollaud.

Cover Art by Anthony LaFleur.



all rights reserved


catlike New York

bubblegum fuzz

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Track Name: Catlike - Archives
once found comfort in the sound of
some old oscillating fan
kept it spinning all winter long
drove my ice cold roommates mad

drew a game plan for the pictures
forgot what those nights were for
craving patterns meant trips backwards
so I can’t crave them anymore

I’ll burn it down
right to the ground
watch safely from
the neighbors’ house
as fire spits
I’m taking sips
in remembrance
of bright nights missed

regrets leave you dull and petty
talked shit till my pink tongue bled
spent some hours getting ready
dressed to stall and play pretend

would it kill to spend a minute
recognize that I’ve arrived
in the room while I’m still in it
or would that erase the archives????

so burn them down
without a sound
a thousand hours
scorched to a cloud
and I’ll run home
snow soaks my clothes
the flame has blown
I’m on my own

oh oh oh ohhhh

Track Name: Parallel - Grow
I'm outgrowing this place
There's nothing wrong with you
There's something wrong with me
I'm dying to let go
Shedding my skin so I can grow

I'm moving on from here
A change of pace
You'll let me leave this place

You cut me down and I can't grow
You cut cut me down then I can't

Worrying about this place
I'm leaving this alone
I'm empty and full of doubt
I just want to be at home

So I can grow
So I can grow
So I can

You cut me down and I can't grow
If you cut me down then I can't