by catlike

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Thanks to Dylan Murphy, Dani Freeman, Brenna Crowe, Zach Kaplan and Chris Uhlein

Thanks to Rachael Soluri and all the fine people at Churchill's.

Thanks to Dong Island, R.I.P.


released April 23, 2015

All songs written by catlike, except for Track 3, written and performed by Zach Kaplan and Karah Goldstein

Allison Leotta: bass, vocals

Karah Goldstein: guitar, bass, vocals

Collin Ungerleider: drums

Doug Llanes: guitar, noise

Recorded & Engineered by Dylan Murphy and Rachael Soluri at SUNY Oneonta

Produced by Karah Goldstein and Collin Ungerleider

Mastered by Max Henry Gottesman at Silly Willy Studios

Cover Art by Dani Freeman



all rights reserved


catlike New York

bubblegum fuzz

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Track Name: Bad Vibes
picture this, I'm just fifteen // self-declared power chord queen // in love with boys on a screen // confident, yet so naive // a man said, “hey, here's some advice: you ain't bad, but this world ain't nice" // gave us a hand for the price // of ten grand, and our civil rights

adults, tight jeans, myspace angle // friends in backs of vans, alcohol // unplugged, air strum, full merch table // voice track skipping your free samples // manic panic attack central // turning healthy kids unstable // isn't what I wanted at all // yes, police, this place gives me bad vibes

bad vibes, bad viiiiiibes

pray to maintain sanity // these dudes dropped out in 2003 // bragging of their true love story // set in stone, it's statutory // no other choice, we play to play // sell my soul to cry on a stage // for men working minimum wage // and girls: insane and underage

yet I stay // my voice still haunts the hallways // lost innocence // pledge allegiance to the pit
Track Name: Attention
they tell you, if he can't give you all that you think you need // forfeit all his control for a chance at the dream // just start over, find another, its the thrill of the game // overplayed, underpaid, hide the script on the stage

but, who can blame them? they're in love with attention // want it when you get it, you can buy it, you'll always win // try and align starry eyes when he shows me affection // but you're so much more than him // you have so much more to give

lost this evening when I chose to give in and play // we had much to discuss, but so little to say // tried to settle for “much better”, received some jealousy // but those things they’re chasing after, they do nothing for me

I'll never be in love with attention // messed damsels in distress with more independence // try and pretend, feign interest in the efficient options // but I know it can’t be done // I don’t think it can be done

but, who can blame them? they're in love with attention // want it when you get it, you can buy it, you'll always win // try and align starry eyes, enter scene with discretion // but you're so much more than this

so sign me up, you're in love with attention // I’ll try to play guide when you’re lacking direction // set the bar too far, I'm starved for conversation // without the prerequisite // these kids aren’t cutting it
Track Name: treading (demo)
Track Name: Manic Pixie Dream Boy
the track was fading out // begged one more minute, please // walls did no job without the buzz of electricity // prayed for the world to end // thought it was safe to say // south montauk catching waves, this town has seen much better days :(

so patiently / I waited for / you to decide / you wanted more // counted too soon / my hopes so high / tried to forget / still I want my

manic pixie dream boy back again // this fate I would never intend // it's cold, the trees are dead // my hands as empty as your head // all this distance, isn't it sad? // remember all the plans we had? // return to me at last // put all our mistakes in the past

remember when we met? // younger, but no different // your ears tuned into me, your mind went wild with false pretense // told your electric past // the fast life had its perks // improvised clever lines for me beneath the fireworks

bent over to / bedazzle us / as if we were / hard to impress // they didn't like / your crazy act / but hey, I'll take / the compliment !

manic pixie dream boy, can't pretend // I ever wanted this to end // I’m cold, everything's dead // my hands as empty as your head // all this distance, isn't it sad? // so much for all the plans we had // come on, be mine at last // put all of these weeks in the past

found you under this control // been there before, so I know // how well they play the angel // then deconstruct their halo // well, you escaped possession // but took off for the mountains // and somehow, I just lost my pop-punk Daisy Buchanan

manic pixie dream boy, in my head // this can’t be how the movie ends // it’s cold, the trees are dead // my hands as empty as your head // all this distance, it's very sad // how we forgot those plans we had // return, please get here fast // leave those two dumb kids in the past
Track Name: Indigo Blues
once upon a time, I saw myself observe a finer law // far away from planet earth, we watched its collapse and rebirth

and now I wait / through every day / for them to save / me from this place

this place.

hopefully by the time we make the airwaves, I'm on my way // find me at our dynasty, and please excuse the irony

but now I wait / low and irate / for them to take / me back through space